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Confirm of your participation in, and understanding of policy changes

As our clinics, contract locations, and administrative locations continue to resume normal operations, return to previous volume levels, welcome our staff back to work, and begin to service our patients and clients as we did prior to the COVID-19 crisis, we all have to be aware that certain policies and procedures have necessarily been changed.  Additionally, we must realize that our policies and procedures continue to be governed not just by best clinical and best business practices, but likewise by our federal, state, (and in some cases) local governments and regulatory agencies.

If you have remained at work throughout this crisis, or if you are just returning from family leave or furlough, you likely have been updated on these new policies and procedures.  In some cases, you have been asked to watch training videos and / or read best practices produced from our compliance & operations teams reinforcing directives & guidance from the CDC and OSHA.  Additionally, you have likely been asked to confirm your participation in, and understanding of, these changes or additional training.

These policies span a variety of HR / employment topics, patient – client screening & interaction, use of (PPE) personal protective equipment, cleaning procedures, and other items to help keep all of our team and all of our clients safe, while still providing timely & effective care.

Please understand and remain patient as we continue to communicate this information to all of you.  These policies and guidance are ever-changing as our federal, state, and local leaders continue to learn more about this virus, how it is spread, risk mitigation, and other lessons that influence our return to normal.

[In Text Message: As an employee you are required to review the policy found in the attached link.  Please respond “YES” to indicate that you understand and are complying with the policy as delivered.]

When you indicate you are complying with the policy, you are indicating:

1. That you have received, understand, and are participating in all the policies changes & training that directly affects the day-to-day activities in your place of employment. 


2. If you did not receive the policies and / or you don’t understand the policies, you will speak directly with your supervisor, and / or your operations team, about receiving these updates immediately.


NOTE:  Our guidance, directives, policies and procedures are carefully put in place in the context of your state, your work environment, specific regulatory advice, professional best practices, as well as CDC and OSHA guidelines.  If you are working in more than 1 setting, more than 1 location, or more than 1 state, you may find the “local policies” to be slightly different.  It is your professional responsibility to update yourself with those local changes through interaction with your local supervisors and your teammates.