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We are a family of therapy-centric companies providing solutions across the full continuum of care settings.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class expert therapy solutions while delivering the highest quality care in a cost effective and time efficient manner for our partners, clients and patients.

Our companies

Therapy Partner Solutions TM is the parent organization of a portfolio of operations, finance, staffing, compliance and billing companies.

Bringing together businesses in these areas of specialization enables us to help health systems, hospitals, home health organizations and private practice outpatient clinics provide best-in-class therapy services to their patients.


Contract Management Solutions

Partnership Solutions

Recruiting Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Billing & Collections Solutions

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Why choose us?

Adaptive Solutions

With companies focused on every aspect of the therapy value chain, we bring you tailored solutions for your unique clinical and market conditions.


We Stand with You

Consistency is key. We keep your support steady by building custom solutions and long-term partnerships.


Understanding Your Perspective

As therapists, we don’t have to put ourselves in your shoes, we’ve been there. That’s why we provide solutions from the best companies in the industry.

How we make a difference

We understand that the best clinical practices and the best business practices are not mutually exclusive.

Together, these concepts, create the highest quality patient outcomes and best in class business performance results.


We work with you to optimize your continuum of care, providing you with seamless, knowledgeable support while implementing efficiency at every level. Whether you are leading a hospital, health system, home health organization or private practice outpatient clinic, our therapy focused companies are here to ensure your business delivers care of the best quality and optimizes your return on the care you provide.

All the resources you need to bring your therapy services to the next level in one organization.

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